AI for Contextual Risk Intelligence to Dynamically Measure Risks

Predictive Technology in Black & White®.

Check your risk profile and detect fraud. When you know more, you can save more.


Risk Detection

Our Deep Learning and Machine Learning model learns from a history of data in order to predict the risk of an event at a given place and time. For any vehicle type, longitude/latitude, date and time, our model predicts the:

Likelihood of an accident

The severity of an accident

The cause of the accident

Claims-Fraud Elimination

Offering more accurate anti-fraud management, claims handling and fraud investigation.

Our unique and intuitive interface enables claims and policies to be quickly classified on the basis of the actual risk of fraud, checking personal identity, accurately reporting perils and anomalies in real-time.

Risk Mitigation

Not all consumers are the same.

Focusing on mitigation and prevention, our range of highly predictive and smart connected devices combine physical and biological sciences that change dynamically based on individual initial responses, providing accurate results unique to each individual offering them personalized risk coverage.

The future of safety is predictive.

Proven Technology

Building the world’s first dynamic risk platform to predict accidents and get people and goods from A to B the safest way possible.

- 70%-83% Prediction Accuracy

- 50% Improvement in Driver Awareness

- 25%-53% Reduction in Accidents

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Our Products


Vimosure™ uses artificial intelligence to decode your risk profile for you.


Leverage our dynamic risk map to improve safety in connected, fully-autonomus vehicles.


From reactive solutions to predictive, AI driven safety solutions to help reduce congestion.


Add a new layer of safety to your LB system to reduce risks of theft.

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