Vimo RI Smart Devices create high levels of competence by drawing upon several thousands of driving miles from hundreds of users to create our scores, we deliver an improvement of at least 35% reduced risk and insurance claims.

Smooth Driving
Collision Detection
Road Risk
Driver Fatigue
Speed Monitoring
Livestock/Asset Monitoring

Fatique Detection Assist

Vimo RI uses its face detection algorithms to help prevent accidents caused by the driver getting drowsy. Using our unique pupil identification technology to analyze the eye’s fatigue condition, we provide accurate early warning for real fatigue. More importantly, we get intuitive driver fatigue reports from Vimo RI platform. This is an effective way to determine if the driver is drowsy, and thus make sure of their safety.

Face detection

Collision Detection Assist

"Prevention is better than cure" and Vimo RI designed its Collision Detection to prevent perils before the occurance of unfortunate incidents, thus ensuring driver safety. It comprises two main functions: Forward Collision Warning and Adaptive Brake Voluntary. A single mid-range radar monitors an area some 80m forward of the vehicle for objects which are likely to cause collision.


What is Vimo RI (Risk Inteligence)?
Vimo RI is a Risk Intelligence (RI) services platform working as a set of associated advanced technologies and smart-connected devices. Vimo RI facilitates the collection and storage of data from its Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) supported devices, translates the data into actionable insights, and enables risk mitigation and risk detection solutions in auto-insurance, logistics and livestock farming. In addition to the platform, Vimo RI facilitates a non-profit initiative to drive the development of financial inclusion programmes with its partners to lead the industry in realizing the full potential of IoT and AI technologies in improving the community's financial statuses.
Vimo RI platform only collects necessary information and data. We also offer customers the option of whether they wish to share personal information with us or not.
According to regulatory associations, there is a direct correlation between credit scores and individuals getting into accidents and cancellation policies due to non-payment. However, Vimo RI Smart Devices gives drivers the opportunity to decode their risk profiles from their driving performance. Therefore, premiums are higher for those with high risk scores.